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It's that time of year again! We hope you are getting in the festive spirit. 

Are you struggling to think of a present for that person who has it all? Why not try something a little different this year, and buy a gift on their behalf to support education and opportunity in South Asia.

Below you will find four gift options, all of which will contribute to ensuring that children in marginalised communities in Nepal, who have never attended school or have dropped out, can receive quality catch-up education and become re-integrated into the mainstream school system. 

When you click on the different options below, you will be taken to a page where you can select the gift that you would like to donate.

Many thanks as ever for your support, and we wish you a lovely festive season!

Learning for Life's Festive Season Gift List


can buy 12 orange plants for parents of children attending catch-up education centres in Nepal for income generation, allowing them to send their children to school rather than to work. These orange plants are easy to grow in the changing climate, and bear fruit quickly.


can pay for a filling and nutritious meal for all 64 students in one of LfL's catch-up education centres in Nepal. Having this meal each day is incredibly important, as it allows children to concentrate on their learning, and helps them to stay healthy and happy. 


can buy a school uniform for a child in one LfL's catch-up education centres, so they can be warm and comfortable. As you can see in the large group picture below, not all children at the schools currently have a school uniform.


can pay for all books, educational and teaching materials needed for a child for a year in one of LfL's schools. Teachers are trained in child rights and appropriate teaching methods, to best support children to recover their self-confidence.

Once you have made your donation, if you wish, you can download a thank you certificate by clicking on the image to the right. You can print this out, fill it in and give it to the person on whose behalf you have bought this generous gift. 

Please fill in their name, and then after 'You have gifted...', we suggest the following, for the different gifts:


  • 12 orange plants for income generation for parents of children 


  • a filling and nutritious meal for all 64 students


  • a school uniform for a child


  • all the educational and teaching materials needed for one child for a year



Thank you and season's greetings!

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Learning For Life is a Registered Charity. Charity Registration Number: 1105277

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