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Floating Education & Health Centre

Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

This project was runner up for the Innovation Award at the Bond International Development Awards 2015!

What We are Doing About It

During the monsoon season (June to October), children cannot attend school and communities cannot access healthcare facilities because their villages are completely cut off from mainland services by flooding. However, we are pleased to announce that the project funded by Speak First has been running very smoothly for the last two years.


For more information you can watch our video filmed by Tom Fish down below:

Project Partners & Sponsors

£8 could buy a child their school uniform and educational material
£20 could pay for a teacher's salary for a week
£40 could provide vocational training for one young person

Based on the last 6 years design and implementation of our floating school, a new small floating school is being introduced and tested  with our partner in Bangladesh. This school is suitable for 20-25 students.  It is a small boat that goes to very remote locations around the year although, unfortunately, it cannot go to some places during the dry season. This means that some of our students have to walk about 1 kilometre to attend the current multi-storey boats during this period.

We would therefore like to build a new floating school in partnership with PAWA (Pan Asian Women's Association) so that we can continue to accommodate these students. In order to do this, we would need to raise approximately £8,000 which would provide us with a sufficient amount to fund school uniforms, teachers and the boat drivers' salaries. Please email us at if you are interested in donating.


Many thanks.


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Learning For Life is a Registered Charity. Charity Registration Number: 1105277

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