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Child Labour Elimination Project

Fish-Drying Factories, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

The Issue

In Cox’s Bazar we have identified 6,500 children working in fish-drying factories where they suffer severe injuries and illnesses as a result of chemicals, pesticides and sharp tools.

Project Partners
What We're Doing About It

Learning for Life and local partners, POPI and HELP, in conjunction with Comic Relief, have begun a project in Cox's Bazar, using lessons learned from our child labour elimination project in Bhairab. This project will create an enabling environment for children, parents/guardians, employers, duty bearers and other key stakeholders including government, to support the release and reintegration of targeted child labourers and gain commitment of all groups not to engage in hazardous child labour in future. 


Families are being incentivised to send children to school through the provision of vocational training and income generation support. Children are receiving individually-assessed support from a menu including educational support, health support, recreational activities and vocational training. All children aged 6-14 in the project area are being prevented from engaging in hazardous labour by educating them on the dangers involved. Advocacy and media publicity will spread the benefits of the project, locally and nationally.


The project also promotes the use of safe equipment/materials, such as solar driers, to reduce hazardous effects on local people's health and reduce the need for pesticides.

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Learning For Life is a Registered Charity. Charity Registration Number: 1105277

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