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The Dan Doherty Memorial School students

Makwanpur, Nepal

Sagar Thing


Sagar Thing is a six year old boy and his family work in agriculture, his father had moved abroad to work as a labourer but has now returned as he was unable to find much work. Sagar joined the Dan Doherty Memorial School last year. Sagar’s Father told us, “we send our son to Dan’s School in the morning. He is getting additional knowledge from Dan's School, and also feels comfortable doing school homework”. Sagar’s Mother is a member of the women’s group and agriculture cooperative and organises women's meetings in the school building. They are also using a room of the building for an agricultural cooperative. 



Sarita Praja


Mamata Praja is a 12 year old girl and is also a regular student of the Dan Doherty Memorial School. Her parents are farm workers. Although their main occupation is agriculture, the food produced is only sufficient for six months and they have to do labour work for the rest of the year. LfL and COSAN have supported Mamata’s education through our ‘supplementary education programme’ held in the Dan Doherty Memorial School, which is run by the active women’s group. Now, Mamata is learning well and is also benefiting from the extra curricular activities she has access to at Dan’s School. Her parents are very happy with learning environment of Dan’s school and are feeling positive about her future.



Mamata Praja


Sarita Praja is a 9 year old girl whose family also depend on farming, however, unlike Mamata, Sarita’s family do not have any other source of income and, sadly, Sarita lost her father six months ago. LfL and COSAN are supporting Sarita’s education by providing school uniform, stationery and supplementary educational support to ensure that she is able to stay in school. The Dan Doherty Memorial School provides her with extra curricular activities, as well as government school curriculum activities to help her reach her full potential. Sarita is a particularly bright pupil and her family have high hopes that she will earn a scholarship to complete secondary education.

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