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We have two floating education and healthcare centres, designed to provide quality education for 500 children (aged 6-12) and 100 youths (aged 13-18) and health services (Ante Natal, Safe delivery and Post Natal Care) to 1000 pregnant mothers and serve 150, 000 members of the target population with health and social awareness to improve their health seeking behaviour and encourage them to practise their human rights and access government services.

Our projects in Bhairab and Cox's Bazar fight against the worst forms of child labour - releasing the children from the factories, re-integrating them with their families and enrolling them in our special schools.


These schools create a healing, nurturing environment where the children can begin to recover from the horrific ordeals that they have endured.



The absence of rights for women, particularly in rural areas and of low caste, is exemplified by several phenomena, including high levels of domestic violence (Nepal has the worst record of gender based violence in Asia); inadequate or non-existent health and education provision; and poor income generation capacity as a result of the lack of vocational training and employment opportunities.


We are working to change this by educating women on their rights and entitlements as well as improving excluded communities' ability to engage in the local decision making process through the formation and training of community action groups.

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Learning For Life is a Registered Charity. Charity Registration Number: 1105277

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